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It has been said that pastors sometimes feel like lone rangers.  As a young minister in an isolated setting, I find this to be particularly true. Therefore, I cannot express how important the coaching relationship has been for me.   I have found unique value in the coaching relationship. Put frankly, it’s nice to have a relationship focused on my goals for ministry and growth.  Neither groups, built on reciprocity nor educational enterprises operating in generalities, can offer the focused, personal attention that a coaching relationship can.  ”
Brian Harfst

Performance training for clergy – the Center guides ministers through strategic and goal-setting exercises to achieve better results in both personal and professional environments.

Whether a minister is hoping to increase effectiveness inside the church or enhance quality of life beyond congregational duties, coaching is a remarkable tool for helping bridge the gap between aspiration and reality. By cultivating and boosting a minister’s existing skills, resources, and creativity in a safe and challenging environment, coaching is the perfect way to explore a variety of professional and personal possibilities as well as articulate new goals.

The Center offers a personalized approach to coaching with programs designed around each minister’s individual needs and intentions. By helping ministers become more strategically focused while also energizing their sense of purpose and satisfaction, coaching provides significant benefits to congregations. Happier and more focused ministers are better able to serve congregations for long, productive tenures.

Most coaching takes place with a carefully matched professional coach in 2-4 telephone meetings per month. Coaches are also available to clients via email. For a cost-effective way to support your minister, coaching is one of the most direct and valuable services of the Center.