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As a lay leader, I would quickly recommend the Center. Whether you are tackling small issues such as what to do with a particular ministry within your church or big issues such as conflict resolution, pastor search or visioning, the Center for Congregational Health can save you immeasurable time and energy. I personally am very thankful for the difference the Center has made at our church.”
Marinn Bengel
Park Road Baptist Church Charlotte, NC

Critical help at the right time—the Center offers professional guidance to congregations that are facing both challenges and opportunities.

The Center can take your natural understanding of what should be happening in your congregation and help make these expectations a reality. When trying to determine best overall courses of action, or how to respond effectively to change, congregations find that our impartial but interested perspective can provide important direction and encouragement.

Through consultation, we help churches face a variety of challenges from both inside and outside the congregation. Consultants are trained in helping staffs, deacons, boards, councils, or other leadership groups during these challenges. We also can assist your congregation in considering an approach to Interim Ministry that will help you use the critical transition period between pastors in a more effective manner.

Our consultants assist congregations in developing a process that engages many people in the discovery of solutions. If your church feels uncertain or conflicted, we can help you with these core services:

Strategic Planning
Chart a purposeful direction for your future.

Team Building
Get people involved in and excited about ministries.

Staff Development
Increase confidence and maximize productivity during interims between a departing and new pastor.

Decision Making and Governance Restructuring
Find the best organizational formation for your congregation.

Conflict Reconciliation
Deal with tension or disagreement between members.