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Interim Ministry
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I recommend to others, on a regular basis, Intentional Interim Ministry Training and the Center for Congregational Health as the best source of training. These four and one-half years as an intentional interim pastor have been meaningful ones for me and productive ones for the congregations that I have served, due, in a significant measure, to the initial and on-going training provided by the Center. I would also recommend the Center because of the personal support that is given and because of the integrity of the process for referring prospective intentional interim pastors to local congregations.”
Wade D. Tucker, Sr., Interim Ministry Specialist
Dobson, NC

Finding opportunity in transition – the Center assists congregations in finding and maximizing the many positives that can accompany a change in pastors, as well as lessening the uncertainty of this period

Interim ministry offers significant opportunity to improve the health of a congregation and establish a basis for a long and meaningful relationship with the next pastor. In our experience, when congregations choose the form of interim ministry that best fits their situation, this can be a period of spiritual growth that also improves organizational effectiveness.

The center assists congregations in determining the type of interim ministry that will be most helpful for them, including:

Traditional Interim Ministry - involves calling an interim pastor who provides limited services in worship leadership and pastoral care. A search committee works to locate a new pastor, and the Center helps congregations locate specialists who can lead that process. E-mail Les Robinson ( for more information.

Intentional Interim Ministry - a process that guides a congregation to explore its heritage, mission, leadership, and connection to the wider church before beginning the formal search for a new pastor. For detailed information on this aspect of our work, read Intentional Interim Ministry—In Perspective.

The center also trains interim pastors to serve as traditional interim pastors and intentional interim ministry specialists. To get started with this training, enroll in Interim Ministry for Today's Church. Training for intentional interim ministry requires that one enroll in this course first.