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Interim Ministry
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Intentional Interim Ministry Training
After investigating the process, I have seen that Intentional Interim Ministry is obviously a tool that God has used to bring about healing and focused ministry in a variety of church situations. This ministry is a good fit with my call and my project-oriented tendencies. And it is a ministry I can use for smaller, part-time situations while I am still fully employed by the Marine Corps. I would absolutely recommend that others take Intentional Ministry Training through the Center, particularly for the kind of person who likes to start and finish a project while receiving the gratification of seeing new health come to a congregation of believers.”
Joe Long, Interim Minister
Dumfries, VA
What is Intentional Interim Ministry?

When a faith community is between installed pastors, many members become highly anxious. One reason for the anxiety is at least a perceived loss of stability and continuity. The community has lost a key leader. Another reason for the anxiety is a fear factor. Members are afraid that attendance will drop, contributions will decrease, and no one will join the community while this position is vacant.

A vital key to a faith community’s healthy movement through this anxious time is the engagement of a person specifically trained to lead congregations in transition. Intentional Interim Ministry is a congregational process that examines five areas of health:

  • Heritage
  • Mission
  • Leadership
  • Connections
  • Future

Engaging in this reflective process helps a congregation develop clarity about who they are, and who they believe God wants them to be.

What is the Purpose of Interim Training?

The methods of working with these five areas of congregational health are distinct for each faith community. Interim training equips a pastor to minister in the unique opportunities introduced by the transition from one pastor to another.