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In the past the judicatory was the channel for resources between the local congregation and the world mission field.  In the early 1990’s local congregations began to realize that the mission field is now in their backyard and most were (and still are) not equipped to meet the challenge.  As judicatory staff our role has reversed; we are now called upon to be consultants, coaches, cheerleaders, and interventionists to help local congregations re-tool for the new century.  Of all the training I have done to meet this new challenge as a judicatory pastor, none has been as valuable as the Consultant Training Program.  The training helped me to learn how to read congregations and people, how to understand systems, how to move leadership teams forward through experiential learning, how to be a helper during times of conflict, and most importantly, how to be a non-anxious presence at the local church council table when everyone else is running around and screaming that the sky is falling.””
Alan Miller, Conference Minister
PA Northeast Conference of the United Church of Christ Church Consultant Training Graduate