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Growing toward God – CCH helps individuals find meaningful and joyful ways to deepen their spirituality or faith.

Spiritual formation refers a deepening of our spirituality or faith. Practices that nurture spiritual formation include prayer, confession, meditation, Sabbath keeping, works of compassion, fasting, worship, spiritual friendships and contemplative silence. Spiritual formation helps an individual grow in relation to God, self and others. It helps a church build community while enabling the congregation to recognize God’s leading.

Spiritual formation retreats for clergy and laity offer:

  • Personal spiritual growth through a variety of forms of meditation and prayer
  • Practices for lay leaders and clergy to use for nurturing spirituality within the congregation
  • Tools for conducting church business within a spiritual framework
  • An emphasis on hearing God’s call individually and as a working group

Our Pastor as Spiritual Guide program is a ten-month course involving retreats, readings and spiritual formation exercises for pastors. For laity, we offer the Congregational Leaders as Spiritual Guides program, which is similar in structure. We also offer spiritual formation retreats in partnership with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and will tailor others according to the specific needs of a faith community.

“Nothing since seminary has been more profoundly influential in my ministry and personal spiritual journey than the Pastor as Spiritual Guide program.” – Baptist pastor

 “The Pastor as Spiritual Guide program was a very powerful, positive influence on my life and ministry. It was a direction I had longed for and the program gave me both the push of inspiration and the experience with the tools to get me further along the road.” – Baptist pastor