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Thankfully, we come from a long line of those who defied conventional wisdom and were willing to adapt to the unexpected.--Bill Wilson, Center for Congregational Health President

The Ox Bow Lake Church   dmhall | August 6, 2013

Congregations must guard against our own forces of deposition and erosion. Our deposits might be all our preconceived notions about how church must be done.--Bill Wilson, President 

How to Ruin a Sermon   dmhall | July 12, 2013

"Inspiration doesn’t just happen. It is the powerful mix of a dynamic God, a willing earthen vessel, and a congregation that hungers for the Word of Life. When those come together, it makes for an inspiring day of worship!", by Bill Wilson, President

The Hardest Issue We Face   dmhall | December 27, 2012

"Polarities are ongoing, chronic issues that are unavoidable and unsolvable. They are the hardest issues we face.," Bill Wilson-Center for Congregational Health President

The Conflict Pandemic   dmhall | December 18, 2012

"My colleague, Chris Gambill, goes so far as to say that congregational conflict is pandemic at this point in the 21st century.", President Bill Wilson 

Holding Your Staff Accountable   dmhall | December 11, 2012

"If you wish to inject health into your staff relationships, practice appropriate accountability.," President Bill Wilson

Curbing An Epidemic   dmhall | December 6, 2012

President Bill Wilson-- "Being clear about why you are on the journey, where your congregation is headed, and what the objective of your congregation actually is will prove indispensible." 

Boundaries 101   dmhall | November 29, 2012

"Every congregation and its clergy should covenant with one another to make healthy boundaries a high priority." president, Bill Wilson

Bophelo: More Than Life   dmhall | November 27, 2012

"Bophelo expresses something that is more than life and is about embodying meaning in life, or living life to the fullest, and carrying with it a degree of health."--Beth Kennett, network coordinator

Worth fighting Over   dmhall | November 21, 2012

"Remember, what seems indispensible to us today, was at one time considered a luxury or a waste or folly.," Bill Wilson, president