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Jesus on Strategic Planning   dmhall | August 20, 2012

"Lip service to the kingdom is easy. Missional living? That’s another story…a Jesus story.", Bill Wilson, President, Center for Congregational Health

Critical Questions for 2012   dmhall | January 10, 2012

President Bill Wilson poses some critical questions regarding congregational finances that you need to ask and have answers to.

Staffing for Survival   dmhall | February 14, 2011

"Someone must be charged with linking the individual gifts, talents and passions of your congregation with the needs of the community you live in."--president, Dr. Bill Wilson


Rev. Beth Kennett, Spiritual Formation Coordinator, writes "I have come to the conclusion that if we set those specifics, that are measurable, if they are truly attainable, realistic and timely, they will be goals that we will be willing to work on and reach."

Giving Away 50%   dmhall | December 15, 2010

The Center helped Park Road Baptist, Charlotte, in their strategic visioning process. Now they are going "50-50."

Choosing a direction to go   dmhall | November 19, 2009

Center president, Bill Wilson blogs about congregational-based strategic planning versus minister-based strategic planning