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Finding and Sharing the Spirit of Christmas   dmhall | December 21, 2011

Network Coordinator, Beth Kennett reminds us that we have an opportunity to share Christmas with every kind of child.

A New Look at a Very Old Story   dmhall | December 13, 2011

Les Robinson, vice president of the Center, found new insight in reading the Christmas Story.


Rev. Beth Kennett, Network Coordinator, reminds us that there is a purpose and place for everyone.

Christmas Memories   dmhall | January 13, 2011

Vice President, Les Robinson, reflects on memories of Christmas 2010.

Jesus Is Missing   dmhall | December 23, 2010

Les Robinson, vice president of the Center for Congregational Health, challenges us to reflect again on the Christmas event.

The Season of Advent: A Time for Pause   dmhall | December 4, 2009

Beth Kennett, Coordinator of Spiritual Formation writes about the importance of taking time to pause during this Advent Season.