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The Ox Bow Lake Church   dmhall | August 6, 2013

Congregations must guard against our own forces of deposition and erosion. Our deposits might be all our preconceived notions about how church must be done.--Bill Wilson, President 


There is no change without pain. Change processes in congregations often have unintended as well as intended consequences...

an article by Chris Gambill, Manager, Congregational Health Services

Gratitude   dmhall | June 13, 2011

Coaching Coordinator Melissa Clodfelter gives some tips on how to use gratitude as a tool for managing the stress and anxiety that can come in dealing with change.


This article by Bill Wilson with Chris Gambill ran in the March 2011 edition of Baptists Today. You can find further information and resources at our blog:

Changement   dmhall | January 20, 2011

"...sometimes we recognize that change needs to happen and we find the courage and strength to be one who takes a step to make something change.", from Beth Kennett, Coordinator of Spiritual Formation

Why We Find It Difficult to Change   dmhall | October 28, 2010

Center vice president, Les Robinson, takes a look at why we often find it difficult to view change in a positive light.

Upheaval   dmhall | September 27, 2010

"Change can become the enemy when we focus on the inconvenience rather than the opportunities.", Dr. Bill Wilson, President of the Center for Congregational Health

Tipping Points Trump Remaining the Same   dmhall | September 23, 2010

Les Robinson, vice president of the Center, revisits the expression “tipping points” and how faith communities are challenged to deal with them.